Calling the Justice League!

Hello Everyone!!

I am inviting you to be a part of changing history. Currently there are 27 million people living in the world today as modern day slaves. More than at any other point in time in human history! This needs to stop- things need to change! I am asking you to join me in the fight for freedom. Stand with me as a voice speaking out against injustice.

There is much to be done. If you are committed to standing up for what is right, I invite you to join this movement. It will take commitment and long hours of dedicated work but change is possible!

Our first meeting to discuss plans and events for the next year will take place on JULY 30TH at 7pm. We are meeting at 21164 88th Ave in the community clubhouse.

This meeting is not exclusive to Miss BC titleholders, it is for all people who are committed to seeing justice triumph in our world and who are dedicated to making that happen!

Please RSVP with me so that I know how many people to expect. There is strength in numbers- invite everyone to join this revolution!

With conviction,
Tara Teng, Miss BC

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