The Year of Change

The Year of Change

After being crowned Miss Greater Vancouver, nothing really changed, but I feel completely different. I now feel that I have the responsibility to be the best person I can be so I can inspire and be a role model to others around me. As I continue on with my daily activities such as school and work, I was thinking to myself, “What can I do with this title”? Last year, the Miss BC title holders called their mission “The Year of Hope” and raised money for their charities of choice. The first thing that came to my mind for this year was change. Why not call this year “The year of change”. Instead of hoping for something different, I want to stand up for what I believe in and start change today, not tomorrow, or the day after, but TODAY I will do something. I always hear people saying they are afraid of change, or scared of the unknown or anything that is different from the ordinary. I always found that strange because as humans we are constantly changing. Every aspect of our life includes change. We start as babies and we grow to become adults. We go from preschool to high school, from looking for our first jobs to hoping for the day of retirement to come sooner. Our bodies are constantly growing, cells are renewing but we still feel that change is bad. It is time that we all accept change. Not as good or bad but as a part of life.

There are eight Miss BC title holders and we all come from different places and have different missions with our titles. But this year being “The year of change”, we can all work together and support the different things we each want to change in this world.

I am extremely excited to be a part of this amazing campaign, to be a catalyst in this chain reaction of amazing things to come. Please join me in making this world a better place by making the changes you want for tomorrow starting today.

❤ Dionne Ng

Miss Greater Vancouver

7 thoughts on “The Year of Change

  1. Very inspiring! If your actions inspire others to dream more,
    learn more, do more and become more,
    you are a leader.


  2. Dionne!
    Very inspiring words my dear! I hope you drive and motivate others as all us ladies will this year ❤ I hope we work together soon and help make a change to Better, all that is around us ❤


    • One of my oldest frdneis lives in SA and in all these years I’ve never traveled there. I certainly hope to do it one day. Just so charming. And a super time of the year to go, for sure. That white lunar landscape looks like my house. We have 5-feet of snow on the ground and huge icicles. Thanks for stopping by. Jane


    • Ahh Africa it has a soft spot in my heart. I dreamed of linivg there. I studied the African culture in college(my minor was Ethnic Studies/African Emphasis). I was stationed to go to West Africa with the Peace Corp. Both Hubby and I were leaving in four months when we found out I was pregnant. We didn’t get to go. My children grew up with a lifesize map of Africa mounted to the wall. I tried to prepare them for life there one day. Still haven’t made it. These photos of your cousins journey makes me smile. It is beautiful there!


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