Freedom of speech

Courage is all it took…
Without courage I would not have been able to get through the obstacles that ran in front of me, without courage I would not have been able to compete in Miss B.C and without courage I would not be who I am today.
After Miss B.C and meeting the 45 other young women with the same drive and passion for change as I do, has been inspiring and it has changed me completely. I have to say thank-you to those 45 other women that I now call my sisters, we are the sisters movement and we will not stop until we see change! =D
I will be the keynote speaker at an Empowering girls and women conference in October with the YMCA.  At this conference we will be discussing sexuality, self-esteem, racism and diseases, all of the obstacles that young women face, and that I try to push to the surface. I am so honored to have the title of Miss. Vancouver Island. In August I will be volunteering at the Local soup kitchen,at the end of August I will be the Team Captain for the Kidney walk here in Victoria.  I am wanting to start raising money for AIDS research(I have ideas floating around in the air, any ideas let me know). In September I will be going to all the high schools across Victoria and talking to them about getting out there in there community and helping them find there voice, standing up for what they believe and making sure they know someone is here for them. Someone knows the hardships and the struggles that youth face in today’s society. I can’t wait to make a difference not just here in Victoria but across Vancouver Island. I am starting things here and I am also collecting toiletries, shoes(shoes are a major thing without them the children can’t go to school) clothes, condoms (etc) for the Dominican Republic when I in March. My mother and I have a contact down in the Dominican, and I will be sending these items throughout the year. If anyone has anything they never use or would like to get rid of contact me =), More from me later
Keep, strong, brilliant and beautiful
Your path is golden

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