Miss Lower Mainland BC 2010

WOW! I finally have found the time to post my very first blog!

After being crowned Miss Lower Mainland BC 2010 life has definitely been even busier for me than it already was!  As a joke between my family & friends; I tell them I’ve gone from being a D-list local celebrity to a C-Lister haha! 

After Miss BC 2010 wrapped up, I was already preparing for Miss Petite Canada and continuing my reign as Miss Petite British Columbia – not to mention work, auditions, shoots and filming on top of it!  Ohh the price to get to the A-List hahaha!!  

As Miss Lower Mainland BC 2010, I will be continuing to bring awareness and volunteer with my causes: The Union Gospel Mission of Vancouver and The Lookout Emergency Aid Society.  I was also contacted by 2 entreperneurs [1 in Ontario and the other in London] to be the official “media spokesperson” and “Lisa Ling – like reporter” for provideblood.com. 

After Vanessa To [our very own Miss Fraser Valley 2010] mentioned the amazing idea of donating as a group – I was inspired to step out of my comfort zone and face my fear of the dreaded needle.  I’ll admit, I still get sick just thinking about it – but with support I know I could do it.  

Dionne, our Miss Greater Vancouver 2010’s brilliant mind came up with the concept of making our year as the “Year of Change” – and I intend to not only create change within my community, but within myself as well. 

 I miss the girls and keep in touch with all of them via Facebook, texting, emails and of course the occasional phone call or two. 

Anywho – I bid you adieu, for now at least haha! 


Miss Lower Mainland BC 2010

3 thoughts on “Miss Lower Mainland BC 2010

  1. This girl here is a total sweet heart I have the honor of working with her ❤ and I have to say she's totally down to earth and tons of fun to be around ❤ Congrats sweetie I know I said it at work but im saying again


  2. I’m in Toronto and I’ve had to subscribe beuacse I can’t find it here. It’s definitely my favourite shelter mag – I wish Canada produced something similar. Canadian House and Home and Style and the others are lovely, but they are just too neat and tidy. Australia does produce some great magazines – terrific versions of Vogue, Delicious, et al. They have a smaller population than Canada, and their publishing industry otherwise lags behind ours. We have some good, solid publications, but I don’t know why Canada can’t manage the same kind of innovative, fresh, inspiring shelter and food publications. I live in hope, though. Maybe someday.


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