The Road to Miss BC

Many people say it is about the journey, not the destination which was completely true for me and my journey to becoming Miss BC Interior.

It all started in February when I got accepted into the pageant. I was as happy as a clam! However some of my friends weren’t as supportive, many of them said that I was to old, or pageants were for little girls and it was time to grow up, others didn’t support the fact I now wanted to spend my time fundraising and being a positive example in the community. At this point I could have listened to my friends and backed out….but I didn’t.

Then came the daunting task of finding a sponsor, those who did reply said no as they had groups that they already sponsored or that they had used the donation quota for the quarter. Others such as my (at the time) business of employment (who will remain unnamed) laughed at the idea of me competing in a “beauty” pageant. So I contacted for help. They gladly ran an article on me to help me!

Within hours of them running the article companies started emailing me saying they would love to sponsor me! Until one came saying that the reason I was having problems finding a sponsor was because “simply not pretty enough”.  I just brushed it off thinking nothing of it, until I tried accessing my account and couldn’t. It had been hacked! After days of contacting and providing my ip address and lists of emails and folders they granted me access and I changed all my settings. But also noticed that whoever had gotten into my account had also replied to the potential sponsors trying to solicit funds. Thankfully no one did and I replied to them explaining the situation.

Fortunately right before my account was hacked I had phoned one of the potential sponsors and had set up a meeting, thankfully The Spotted Spa wanted to sponsor me.

At this point many people would have backed out, and even my friends said they would understand if I did. But I wouldn’t.

Now everything seemed set, I had a sponsor, had sent in all my forms, now to start practicing for talent. I had contacted many dance studios to have someone choreograph a dance for me, one had even offered to do it at a discounted price!

For those of you who know me this next part isn’t unexpected….I’m a tad accident prone…

One morning after doing my wii fit work out I went to open my bedroom window and slammed my foot into my exercise bike, thinking nothing of it I went to work even though it hurt. Once at work I saw that it was swollen and green, blue and purple, so I was sent to the doctor, after xrays we discovered I had broken my toe and fractured my foot! There was going to be no dancing at pageant for this girl!

For two months I rested my foot, I did not want to limp on stage!

During this next time it was just some preparing and sending out invites. I was elated that my family was coming, until I got the call that my grandma on the island was to sick to go. I wasn’t mad but it broke my heart and I sat on the kitchen floor crying praying that she could just be there. She has always believed in me and was so proud that I was doing this. Sadly though she couldn’t make it.

Exactly a week before pageant I had gotten everything together and was jet set to go! Then I woke up at 2am with a migraine, due to the sever dehydration the vein burst when they put the iv in leaving a 3 inch long, 2 inch wide bruise.

Now I was going to pageant looking like I did injected drugs and limping! I was not impressed and wanted to cry.

Everything in me was telling me that all of this happened for a reason, I wasn’t meant to go to Miss BC, the universe clearly did not want me there. But I wanted to go and being one of the most stubborn people out there I went.

The drive was horrible! Fog and Rain the entire way!

So many people believe that everything happens for a reason, or we have predetermined fates…not me. You choose your future. Life is a pick your own adventure book, you’re in control, it isn’t a standard novel where you can read the last chapter to find out how it ends.

If I had listened to the universe I wouldn’t now be Miss BC Interior 🙂

One thought on “The Road to Miss BC

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