Who I am

I was born in Nanaimo BC, raised in Lantzville BC and have spent my post adolescent years in Kelowna BC.  I was a ballerina, horseback rider, cheerleader and basketball player, among other things. I was raised Roman Catholic, attended Sunday Mass,  Sunday School and Catechism.  I’ve gone to two different finishing schools, Toast Masters and other personal developement courses.

My father’s family is English and my mother’s is Hungarian. Behaving properly in public and social affairs is something I was raised to do with ease.

Everything I have done, every social activity, every course and every belief has been supported by my family because they love me and want me to be happy.

That is who Samantha Taylor is, not who Miss BC Interior is.

As Miss BC Interior I am representing the Interior. A place I love.  Looking outside and seeing the snow on the ground makes me so grateful to live somewhere where you see every passing season and grateful to live in a place where a little snow doesn’t shut down the town. 🙂

The cultures around me are amazing. I pass many places of worship on my 12 minute drive to work. To the right of my office is an amazing Japanese resturant, to my left is the Cantonese, Peking & Szechuan Resturant, and a block past my office is a Tim Hortons.  To say my life  is surrounded by  culture and different beliefs on a daily basis would be an understatement.

I keep my title and my beliefs very seperate.  My beliefs aren’t everyone’s and I never expect them to be.  But I will never use my title to push forward my belief.  I love being Miss BC Interior; I wouldn’t trade the people I’ve met or the experiences I have had for anything.

That said, I also want to encourage others to participate in Miss BC. So that is why I would never make a political or religious statement while wearing my sash and tiara. I would hate to think that by me saying something pertaining to my belief system that a young girl thinks she can’t run for Miss BC because she has been brought up differently then I have.

However even though I won’t push my beliefs, I will continue to support those of others. If I am volunteering at an event and a prayer of any belief is spoken I will honor them and participate. Our diverse cultures and beliefs are what makes Canada Canada.  We are a country that accepts all and freely encourages everyone to follow their dreams and beliefs.

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