Bashing Beauty Queens

Recently I was being told a story in which the girl was referred to as a “Beauty Queen” saying everything had to be perfect and how she expected everything handed to her. I am confused how wanting to be perfect and expecting everything handed to you as being a “Beauty Queen.”

I guess you could say I was a Beauty Queen I’m Miss BC Interior. Does this mean I have to look perfect all the time and everything will be handed to me? Because if so I’ve clearly been doing it all wrong for the past seven months! I’m still me, I haven’t changed. Yes I wear makeup and do my hair but I’ve always done that and I’m never going to apologize for taking pride in how I look.

Growing up I did my hair and makeup, I dressed nice, wore heals and I’ve been to two finishing schools. I enjoy having class, grace and looking nice. But that isn’t all of who I am. I am not defined by my looks or my title. I love to camp, fish and hike.  If I could I would go 4X4ing every weekend, and for the record, I don’t wear makeup when I do any of those activities.

I thought or at least hoped that our society was past stereotypes, but apparently not. But if we are going to stereotype let’s use the current Miss Canada, who is also Miss BC, Tara Teng. To be fair if you are going to stereotype it is best to use your country’s Beauty Queen.

Tara is one of the hardest working people I know. It is her mission to abolish sex trade and if anyone can do it is her. She is beautiful not only on the inside but on the outside. December 2010 was probably the hardest month I’ve ever been through and even though Tara and I don’t live close together, she was so supportive. She constantly would text me or message me to see how I was holding up and to see how my mother (who had had major surgery) was doing. Tara was there for me more than most of my friends were.

When I competed in Miss Nanaimo and Miss BC I was so nervous. But at no point was I told to look a certain way or to be a snob. We were taught proper etiquette (which if you ask me every lady should know), self defense and public speaking. I don’t see how having any of those skills is a negative.

Stereotyping is horrible and it needs to stop. I listened to a rant regarding someone I didn’t know who may have possibly never even won a pageant where the term “Beauty Queen” was used as an insult. I was insulted. I was hurt and I still am. I know who I am, I know what I stand for and I’m a “Beauty Queen” and proud of it.

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